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Trolltunga Hike

The Trolltunga hike is one of Norway’s jewels- the landscape is stunning, meandering along an unbelievably blue fjord and culminating with the victory stand on the aptly named Troll’s Tongue cliff.

But it’s not for everyone! This is a challenging 25km hike and it was originally designed as a multi-day hike. Nowadays people attempt to do it in one go with varying degrees of pain and misery. It took us about 12 hours and I loved every bit of it. Carson’s toe was about off by the middle end of it, however. We even lucked out and cheated- the week before we arrived a new shuttle was put into effect that brings hikers right to the trailhead rather than having to walk a few extra miles to get there on a paved road. Did we feel a bit like chumps? Yes. Was it worth it? Absolutely, and I recommend everyone do the same. 25km is enough as it is!

The trail is clearly marked and there are lots of people so you won’t get lost. Make sure you have lots of food and water (and band-aids!) though!

Don’t think you’re being original if you get any romantic inclinations- we saw two people get proposed to in the span of us eating our PBJ sandwiches, as well as a couple on the rock taking photos in their wedding dress and tuxedo. It was still pretty adorable each time though.

Spoiler alert: we were not any of those couples.

What do you think- would you want to hike through this landscape for 12 hours? Know that if you say no I am going to judge you as being a soulless person. I mean- this is objectively gorgeous.

Trolltunga hike is one of my favorites ever.

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