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Kjerabolten Hike

Passing into Norway from Sweden about three days into our trip there was an almost immediate change in scenery. No longer the peaceful forests and gentle coastlines of Sweden, Norway is dramatic, majestic and jaw-dropping from any angle. Everywhere we went was stunning. Norway definitely has my vote as most beautiful country on Earth.

This is the view of Pulpit Rock- one of Norway’s most popular hikes and one we didn’t do- but we could see it anyway!

The first night in Norway we had an unusual accommodation- a floating tent, strung between trees. I was crying of laughter trying to get in and out of it, and crying of sticker shock when my beer at dinner cost $14. We made a big mistake by not putting sleeping pads down as I woke up an icicle at 3am.

But the morning gave us this.


Our first order of business in Norway was to hike Kjerabolten– one of Norway’s most popular hikes. It’s a moderately strenuous 12km hike over exposed rock and sometimes requiring the use of chains.

It begins by going down into a gorgeous valley.

The views over Lysefjord are riveting but the main draw of the whole hike is at the very end. There is a boulder wedged into a crevasse thousands of feet above ground that you can stand on- if you dare. I am not a very afraid person in general. I can count on about three fingers things I’m scared of (eggs, being late, injuries, dogs not anymore!)  But standing on that boulder- (though I did it!)- was f’ing terrifying and I would not do it again. Well….I say that now.

Was the picture worth it? I’m not so sure.

When my knees stopped wobbling and I stopped seeing visions of my death from falling we hiked backed down and camped at the mouth of the fjord, right under where we’d just been hiking.

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