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Spring in Alsace

This is just a little post on spring in Alsace, which as it turns out- is the best.  This month I’ve been crisscrossing the region performing in the three cities of Strasbourg, Colmar and Mulhouse.  When I’m not required to be at the theater I am outside enjoying the beautiful weather and exploring!

In fact, I got a foldable bike for this very purpose! When we go on tour I can just fold up my bike and throw it in the luggage storage of the bus or even squeeze it in by my legs on a train. When I get to my destination I simply unfold and in a matter of seconds I am zooming!

Frederic (bike) and me, a love story

A lovely day to walk your donkey

My bike really came in handy in Strasbourg because there are so many amazing parks just a bit too far to walk to but cycling to them was perfect. Orangerie Park is the biggest park and has a stork sanctuary and a free zoo right in the middle of the park.  My favorite however was the smaller, quieter Citadel Park.

Ballet du Rhin BBQ

Besides sampling the parks this region has to offer, I’ve been doing a lot of ice cream “research” as well.

Strasbourg is the most bike-friendly city in France. The bike lane system is impressive and using it I discovered a not-so-hidden lake, complete with sandy beach. Perfect for after a long day of rehearsal!

And to top it all off one day I got it in my head to ride my bike from France to Germany.

(It took twenty minutes).

There is a  lovely park at the border commemorating the peace between Germany and France. Alsace has been traded as a spoil of war for centuries.  But riding along the bridge, you’d never have guessed it.

The bridge that connects France and Germany.

Alsace might be known for being magical around Christmastime but I think spring is my new favorite time here. Between all the people walking around, the bursting markets, the easily accessed bike trails and plentiful ice cream shops everywhere, what’s not to love?

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