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During April my little sister and her boyfriend visited me for their first ever trip to Europe. I felt like the pressure was on to make their first international experience not also their last!

Now, Stockholm is a magnificent city- I could spend my whole life here and still have places to explore, woods to walk in, restaurants to try. But I felt like we could cover enough ground in to give my guests an overview of the city and then spend the rest exploring another part of Europe. Jessie’s choice was a bit of a surprise. It wasn’t the glamorous lights and sights of the big European capitals like Paris or London. Her choice was…. Skåne, the southernmost part of Sweden whose biggest city, Malmö, is unloved even by the Swedes. But after spending a few days there- I don’t understand why!  I found all complaints about Malmö unfounded as we wound our way lazily through the peaceful Swedish countryside, searching for blooming yellow canola fields and the quintessential red Swedish cottages. It was the most idyllic, pastoral setting, perfect for Easter weekend (which it was).

We found the museums great, the food even better and the scenery breathtaking- in a low-key relaxed Swedish kind of way. I was really happy I got to explore more of this beautiful country I get to live in.

Cherry Blossoms in full bloom at Kungstragården in Stockholm.

Our first roadtrip stop was Malmö which is a vegan mecca, luckily for my sister and her boyfriend who are vegan. We gorged on vegan Chinese food and ice cream before hopping on some city bikes to find windmills.

The architecture in Malmö sent me back to my time in Alsace!

It was a gorgeous day and we finished it off by watching the sunset  at Ribersborg Beach, looking across the water toward Denmark.

The next day was museum day- Moderna Museet and the Design and Form Museum which were both excellent. We had the best vegan brunch at Kafe Agnez before driving to Falsterbro to find a strand full of adorable pastel colored tiny beach huts on powder white sand- who knew Sweden had beaches like this?


One of the super cool things was going to see the Ales Stones- 59 massive boulders in a circle on top of a hill, mysteriously placed there some 1000 years ago.

The last day of our road trip we made some stops at a few nature reserves along the way and a lunch in Simrishman.

We were a couple weeks too early for the canola fields but Jessie was just as happy when we found this, an almost blooming field, on the side of the road.

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