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Ribeauville Castle Hike

How do you know you’re hiking in Europe? Castles- check. Baguette strapped to your back- check. Vineyards- check. Oh did I mention more castles? Check check and check.

Carson and I reserved Sunday for a hike in the Vosges Mountains (since you basically can’t do anything else in Europe on Sundays). We decided to drive the long way and take the Route de Vin Alsace so we could meander through all the gorgeous vineyards that color this region yet it was still less than an hour’s drive. Setting off from the Alsatian village of Ribeauville, we managed to hike to three castle ruins in about three hours.

Hiking with a baguette strapped to my backpack, like a good French girl.

The first castle sighting.


Castle #1. We weren’t supposed to climb it….

….but we did

This castle was built in the 12th century!! We climbed up to the top for some panoramic vistas of Alsace. The hike was leisurely but we had gone to the cheesemonger at the Mulhouse marché the day before and the boulangerie right by my house that morning in order to have this fabulous picnic.

All Alsace made.

The cheese has flowers on the rind! And the gouda has cumin seeds inside it. This seems pretty popular in these parts.

Lunch having been had we made our way to castles 2 and 3- these ones relatively new compared to the first as these were built in the 13th and 15th centuries.

Castles built straight into the rock.

I like to imagine that this room was the great ballroom.

After our hike we walked a bit through Ribeauville. Along with Riquewhir (which I’ll talk about in another post), Ribeauville gave the inspiration for the Belle’s town in Beauty and the Beast. I could see why.

Hiking in between charming French villages through the vineyards is pretty magical. The smells of the apple trees are what I will remember though.

Thanks to Carson Wick for lots of these beautiful shots and for being a nice boy.

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