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Remember me?

OK guys sorry I’ve been off the posts for a while. But I think you’ll understand when I give you a rundown on my July and tell you My Big News.


It’s been hectic. This is me trying to pack for a tour in France, a gala in Nairobi, a safari, (spoiler alert) an international move, and a roadtrip around Scandinavia…all at the same time.

OK so first. July rundown.

I spent July in two places that could hardly be more different yet I could hardly love them more.


Selling corn by the side of the road in Kenya

Taking in the view over Åndalsnes, Norway

First I went to Kenya to perform in a charity ballet gala, which was also my first time in Africa. There is something so special about setting foot in a new country and this time I got to set foot on a whole new continent- you can only really do that 6 times max, people! And only 4 times if you’re French because they think there are only five continents. (Antarctica doesn’t count and the Americas count as one- when I found this out I thought we were having a language barrier but turns out we were having a discrepancy in our geographical educations).

Anyway Kenya was just f’ing amazing. So the stakes were high if I was going to possibly like my next country as much. And you know what- Norway totally brought it.

Seriously the most beautiful country I have EVER been and I have been to a fair few. It was an epic road trip the likes of which the world doesn’t really do anymore I don’t think. 2500 miles of driving, hiking, and biking. Not one moment was boring- every single day was amazing and each had it’s own adventure and it’s own spectacular scenery.

Biking the glacier fields of Norway.

Most of my trips this year have been weekend getaways so it was really a gift to be able to spend a longer period of time in both Norway and in Kenya. There is so much to see, do and experience in both places- but we did it in a way that made me feel like not a crazy person. We covered a lot of space but never in a rushed way, and we only had to wake up crazy early to do something a couple times. And that we blame on the ferry schedules. And the fact that cute things like this wake up rather early.

So yeah I think it’s pretty safe to say I was a bit busy having just the best adventures ever. But there was also one other country squoze in there in between Kenya and Norway. You’ll have to wait for My Big News post to find out- and to see my complete posts for these trips!



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