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I think the best day of the whole trip in Norway was the day we spent riding mountain bikes 55 kilometers of the Rallarvegen route from Finse to Flam. Bikes let you cover so much more ground than you would walking and being out in the nature definitely beats a car or train.


The most common experience for people visiting Norway is taking a tour called “Norway in a Nutshell.” Carson and I took the general idea of that tour but did it independently and tweaked it to our own interests. The starting point for this tour is a town called Flam- despite being full of cruise ships, still a lovely place.

We took a train ride that is touted as “The Most Scenic Train Ride in the World.” However, having already spent a week driving through Norway we had seen many views that were comparable or better than what we saw on the train- with about a million less people. I can see why people do the tour and if you are pressed for time by all means do it. But the real reason we took the train was to get to our DNT cabin.


DNT hut Finsehytta

Norway has an amazing network of trail cabins to enable people to get out into nature. These huts are an indelible part of Norwegian culture. Some are staffed, some not, each has its unique character and no one can be turned away for lack of space. That means you might end up sleeping in a stairwell! (We made a reservation to avoid this- and got a membership). The one we stayed at is one of the crown jewels of the system. We enjoyed a three-course family style dinner, a huge breakfast, a packed lunch, some really nice Norwegians to talk to, and a beautiful view.

Our DNT- and the Star Wars filming location for Planet Hoth

After our amazing stay at the DNT hut we picked up our bikes from the train station and set off on our gorgeous bike day.

The bike drop-off was unsupervised- Scandinavians still trust people.

The day was magical- the weather held out and I felt I could keep up fairly well on a bike though I’m not an experienced cyclist.  I highly recommend this Finse-Flam ride!


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