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November Recap

November was a crazy month for me!

weird times

I performed in 5 cities and travelled to 5 countries total (Swiss airport included since it requires a whole different currency). There was a day that I woke up and knew I had a performance but I honestly did not know in what country. I just got on the ballet bus and found out when I arrived (it was Germany). It is a strange sensation to bow before an audience and not quite remember which country I am in.

all roads lead to the theater

Strasbourg theater chandelier

Not even counting rehearsals, I heard the same stanza of Gavin Byrars’s orchestrated loop 708 times in performances of William Forsythe’s ballet Quintett. Choreographed in 1993 as a tribute to his young wife who was dying of cancer, the ballet is an intimate celebration of life and the joy of dance. The music has an interesting origin too.  You can listen to it here. The stanza repeats 59 times in the ballet and we have projectors on stage that flash which number phrase we are on so we don’t get confused.

I slept in four different beds.

I took 9 trains, 13 buses, 4 planes, 1 bicycle, 1 taxi and 1 double decker bus.

photo by Paige McFall

I used four currencies.

I had a vacuum cleaner salesman over for two hours….don’t ask. But actually…..the dust he demonstrated was in my rug is actually kind of a nice art project.

dust art

I had an international Thanksgiving with my friend Allison in London. Her partner is French so we definitely had a bit of a French flair- think mashed potatoes with comté cheese. We had to explain to all the international guests what stuffing was- they were skeptical but loved it. He works for Manolo Blahnik so his guests were mostly gorgeous French and Italian fashionistas and Allison’s friends were mostly gorgeous dancers. In fact, Thanksgiving turned into a dance party. Allison ended up going to the hospital after being dipped and hitting her head on the counter. The doctor asked how she hurt herself and she said “dancing.” When he asked what she was studying in London she sheepishly had to answer “dance.”

the before

and the after

all’s well that ends….at Hyde Park

According to https://lingvist.com/ I’ve learned 4,055 French words. I still only use about 4 though: bonjour, s’il vous plaît, une baguette and merci. It’s a work in progress.

And best of all, I got to see a bunch of old friends from the U.S scattered throughout Europe!










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