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National Tourist Scenic Roads

If you’re planning a road trip around Norway there are a few things to consider.

  1. Ferries will be a part of your normal day. There is no avoiding them so make sure you take into consideration waiting for a ferry and also the last departure time of the day. Usually you can get out of your car and get a snack onboard- Carson had a lot of hot dogs on ferries.
  2. You will have to drive slowly because of the sheep and also because it’s freaking gorgeous and you’re going to want to stop and take pictures about every half mile.
  3. There are automatic photo tolls. Check with your rental car company for more information. It took us about six months to get our bill.

But practical issues aside Norway has an amazing initiative called the National Tourist Route. 18 selected roads all across Norway were chosen for their particular beauty (in a country where everything is beautiful this is saying a lot!) On each of these roads pieces of art and architecture were installed in order to provide road-trippers with world-class rest areas, viewpoints, walking paths, picnic spots and side destinations.  And some of the most beautiful toilets I’ve ever …sat… on.

Carson and I made it our mission to drive on as many of these roads as possible- we ended up getting on eight of them and hopefully we’ll be able to do the rest soon!

Check out some of our stops along the drive.

Borgund Stave Church.

One of Carson’s favorite attractions. I have no explanation.

Picnic Table for Giants

Wild swimming, hiking and camping is permitted almost everywhere in Scandinavia. We pulled over for a view and I couldn’t help but jump in this clear lake.

Stretching my legs after a long car ride

Waterfalls everywhere

View from behind the waterfall


Just regular out of your car window views

jumping for joy

Driving North, the Atlantic Ocean Road scenery is less dramatic than in fjord country but still lovely.

I could sit in this spot all the days of my life.

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    What a beautiful post Alessa! I want to go there with you!

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