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24 hours in Lyon!

As usual when I have friends come visit I use it as an excuse to get the heck out of Mulhouse and explore other places. This time we chose Lyon, primarily for its proximity to Paris where my friend would fly out of and also its relative ease in getting to- or so we thought. The French train strike continues and makes traveling much more challenging!

The forecast was rain all day but we got so lucky. While I normally want to walk all over a city, Lyon is big- the second or third biggest city in France depending on who’s counting- and time was short. We opted for one of those hop on hop off bus tickets which turned out to be great as it gave us a guided tour and we didn’t have to look at a map since we are both hopeless at that.

on the bus!

First stop- the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière. You can see this Basilica everywhere in Lyon thanks to its location high on the hill.

This city is old. Like, built in 43 BC old. Near the Basilica there are the ruins of an ancient Roman stadium- it used to seat 10,000 spectators for gladiator fights and other things you never expect to have happened in France.

We descended the hill and had a lovely French cafe lunch with all the red checkered tablecloths and everything as it should be. We kept waiting for it to rain so we could enact our rain plan which was the super cool spaceship that is the Musée des Confluences. A museum dedicated to everything it means to be human- the intersections of science, culture and natural history.


I hated the grossest coffee on the roof of this museum but no one ever said the French were good at making coffee and the views were worth it.

Still not raining, we rummaged around the Vieux Lyon neighborhood.  Charming and beautiful, it’s full of narrow steep alleys called traboules and orange and pink painted houses that reminded me of Portugal.

The Vieux Lyon is packed with traditional bouchon restaurants. The inside of every restaurant was gorgeous but it seemed like most people, including us,  wanted to sit out on the patios and watch life go by.

Lyon is the capital of gastronomy in France and it seemed to apply to the ice cream as well. I spent 12 euros on a couple scoops of ice cream at Glacier Terre Adélice and I would go back and do it again it was that good. In semi-defense of their prices, it is all organic and the flavors were crazy- I had cardamom and orange blossom.

The menu

That’s a wrap from Lyon! 

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