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Lucerne, Switzerland

I’ve landed in Europe! Wow. The past 48 hours have been quite the roller coaster of emotion. From the thrill of getting my visa in the nick of time to the pain of saying good-bye to amazing friends, from my last American-sized cup of coffee to my first European pastry, my emotions are everywhere right now. Not to mention the sleep-deprivation that ensues during intercontinental flights!

But Lucerne, Lucerne. My first stop in what hopefully will be a year of travels. There was no particular reason I chose to come here first other than the flights into Zurich were cheapest and Lucerne is considered a better place to visit than Zurich. I can’t weigh in on that debate since I’ve never been but you can’t debate this view. 

My plan was to spend the first night exploring the town and the second hiking Mt. Rigi. The weather was pretty awful day one but I needed to fight the strange leaking syndrome that had plagued my eyes ever since the night before leaving Atlanta. So as soon as I checked into my AirBNB above a tattoo parlor I headed back out into the streets.

Traditional Suisse architecture.

The restaurant by my AirBNB that served fondu along with a nightly Swiss folk show complete with yodeling.

Lake Lucerne or Lake Luzern, depending if you are one of the French-speaking Swiss or the German-speaking Swiss.

Lucerne is a very small town so I mostly roamed aimlessly. I ran into an amazing (what else?) chocolate shop and had about 11 dollars worth of chocolate for lunch with absolutely no regrets.

When I wasn’t sure where to head it was easy enough to follow the crowd of Chinese tourists huddled under umbrellas. I wasn’t disappointed with where they led me.

One of the many famous covered bridges in Lucerne.

Considered the saddest statue in the world, The Lion memorializes the mercenaries of Switzerland during the French Revolution.

I don’t know why this ancient cathedral had a bunch of balloons tied to the arch but I’m glad it did.

I didn’t end up going to Mt. Rigi the next day- the weather was poor and I was ready to get to Mulhouse. It was nice realizing that I had the flexibility to change my plans because I would only be an hour train ride away from Lucerne for the next year! Mt. Rigi I will get to you yet!

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