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Lisbon. The city of winding hills, slippery narrow cobblestone sidewalks and miradouro after miradouro.

The highlight of Lisbon was our AirBNB. The apartment itself, yes, with its gorgeous skylight and lovely decorations but also for the host, Antje, the coolest German-expat artist ever. We loved talking to her over a beautiful breakfast about her world travels, her artistic process, and why she chose Lisbon (“I came here for the light”). Antje reignited in me the desire to have “beautiful living.” Everything is her home is deliberate, chosen intentionally with care. That is what I want to surround my own life with.  Not stuff, but only things that bring me joy and peace and beauty. I plan on doing an interview with Antje soon! “People say I am lucky but I’m not lucky- I’m bold.” Spirit guide I tell ya.

While I found Porto more beautiful than Lisbon the weather was absolutely unbelievable. Our streak of amazing vegetarian restaurants continued, even going to a restaurant blessed by the Dalai Lama.

We mostly roamed, during the day walking by the river and at night going to some really cool bars (one an ex-brothel, another just going cray-cray with the garnishes, see below).

We embraced the Lisbon lifestyle by going to the huge flea market on Saturday morning and partaking in gingjha, the local cherry liqueur sold in plastic shot glasses out of literal holes in walls. (I did not care for it).

Lisbon has a shabby charm and being there in the off-season gave us a different glimpse of the city than most tourists. We didn’t get to witness it’s rowdier party side that comes alive in the summer time, but the quiet rambling walks in the old Alfama neighorhood, hearing Fado music through open windows, drinking good coffee in the sun, listening to musicians busk on the street and watching the sun slip down into the river while sitting on a red-clay roof sipping Portugese wine- that is beautiful living.

Mafalda and Mafalda.

Sitting on the roof of our AirBNB.

Looking at this.

Best AirBNB ever.


Coolest bathroom floor.

As always, Portugal is all about those miradouros.

It was only cloudy for about an hour in four days but even then it was still beautiful.

“if nothing is lost, nothing is created.”

Avoiding skin cancer at all cost.

We went to this bar twice because I mean… there are fireworks in the drinks.

The old Red Light District is now “Pink Street” and all the bars and clubs come alive here. (past our bedtime).

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