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Y’all. I was not feeling good on Christmas this year. I woke up in a charming hotel in France throwing up into the bidet. But Switzerland was calling to us so Erin and Douglas bundled me on what was probably the most beautiful train ride ever but I was too sick to open my eyes and see it.

But when we arrived in Lausanne I opened my eyes and was flabbergasted.

Douglas really pulled out all the stops on this trip. We stayed at the Beau Rivage Palace (keyword, palace). Normally I’m a couch-surfing type of girl but every now and then a 5 star palace is just what the doctor ordered (for real this time). It was just spectacular. Adorning the walls are photos of some of the well-known people who have stayed there like the Dalai Lama and kings and queens and movie stars.  They probably just didn’t ask for our photos because while E and D were checking in I was curled up in a ball on a chaise. Just kidding. Well, not about the curled up part.

The butler was bringing us to our room, explaining every last amenity of the whole hotel, when I suddenly had to be sick again. I mimed the crisis to Erin who shoved a half-empty bag of pretzels in front of my mouth and told the butler “she needs to be sick, we need to get in the room now!” This butler, the epitome of class and professionalism, said in a cute little Swiss accent “Oh shit!” and hurried to open the door to our room. And in this room, the epitome of beauty and luxury, I proceeded to barf. Even in the moment it was pretty funny. For the rest of the day I stayed utterly ill in the most beautiful infirmary I have ever seen, overlooking Lake Geneva and the Alps while Erin and Douglas went for a nice dinner.

let me in!

View from my hospital bed

The next day I was feeling 100% again! We had an amazing breakfast where I fell in love with creamy dreamy Bircher muesli. Sitting right behind me was Hans Van Manen– a famous Dutch choreographer- having breakfast.

We decided to have a hotel day because when you are at the Beau Rivage- why leave?

the (temporarily) expat yogi

Yes there was a ballroom and a merry go round.

When we walked down to the lake we realized that the Olympic Museum was about a two minute walk away. I love the Olympics so we left the glorious grounds of the Beau Rivage to visit Lausanne’s most well-known site. (Lausanne is the home of the International Olympic Committee). It was fascinating to learn about Pierre de Coubertin, the Frenchman whose vision single-handedly created the modern day Olympic games. There were also some fun interactive exhibits where we could do simulations of some of the sports, like biathlon. I was very bad.

We got to play a little dress-up.

I found Atlanta!

After the museum we got hot chocolate back at the hotel. The rest of the day was spent hoteling.  We watched the sunset over the lake and willed the clouds to go away so we could see the Alps. Oh yeah and Erin gave a haircut which amused Douglas.

DWB trying to steal my moves.


Dinner time at the hotel. There was an adorable little dog sitting at the table next to us. I was not going to test my stomach too much so I got what amounted to a plate of vegetables. They were beautifully presented and perfect. We got Swiss wine to compare to our French wines and….there’s a reason you’ve never heard of Swiss wine.

Checking we have nothing in our teeth before our nice dinner.

I am a lucky girl to have such a great family to travel with.


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