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Haholmen Havstuer

When we were at our DNT cabin Finsehytta a very friendly Norwegian guy told us the best place he could think of to visit in Norway. Turned out- it was exactly where we were staying on our second to last night!

Who’s a good trip planner? That’s me.


Haholmen Havstuer is a fishing village preserved as it would have been in the 18th century thanks to a well-known Norwegian adventurer named Ragnar Thorseth who was pretty obsessed with Vikings. It’s required to take a viking boat across a bit of sea to get there as it is- like most islands we visited- car-free. 

It was a peaceful, charming place with just about nothing to do and that was fine with us after all the hiking and biking and driving we’d been doing. It was the night of the total lunar eclipse but the moon didn’t rise high enough to be seen above the mountains. So I took matters into my own hands.

Dr. Wick determining the precise location where the moon would rise.

It finally peeked over the mountain! But the eclipse was over.

Though the moon didn’t want to cooperate we had that Midnight Sun never quite sinking into the sea to gaze at long into the night.

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