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Freiburg, Germany

The second weekend that Carson was here the weather was looking crummy at some other potential destination like Italy and farther south in France so we decided to take advantage of Germany’s “sunniest city” which just happens to be, as we learned, about 19 minutes away from my house.

It was very strange to get out of a car after such a short amount of time and yet everyone be speaking a different language. I kept answering people in French- I guess French is my preferred language even if it’s not my best language!

Not a bad drive.

Rather than being a tourist destination Freiburg is a laid-back university town, as evidenced by the large crowds of young people milling about, many participating in the “The World’s Largest Eye Contact Experiment”  that was taking place, many others skateboarding or eating kebab, which we also enjoyed. I learned that in Germany university education is free for ALL students. Did you hear me? FREE. In fact most European institutions of higher learning are incredibly low-priced, even for international students. Apparently Germany is second in the world in having a population of people over 60 so offering education to young foreigners who decide to stay may well have the benefit for Germany of filling in a demographic gap.

The real reason we went to Freiburg, besides the weather was to go a rock climbing gym. The gym was awesome- tons of bouldering with top outs and so trendy with a cool coffee/beer shop and a wood-burning oven for the flammekueche (an Alsatian pizza counterpart).  But I am so glad we went! We ended up spending several hours in Freiburg. The vibe was chill, the architecture was interesting, there are lots of shops to explore, the cathedral is huge and it’s true- it is a sunny city!

Bächle are small canals that run through the city. We weren’t sure what they were about until I looked it up. They were for fighting fires in the olden times!

Rumor has it if you fall in one you will marry a Freiburger.

Stone benches are actually pretty comfortable!

Many photos by Guest Cuteface Carson Wick

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