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Barcelona, Spain

In 2009 Carson and I went to Spain for ten days. Unlike my first trip to Europe I would be staying in the same city, Barcelona, with the exception of one weekend split between the tiny beach island of Menorca and the fishing villages of Cadaques and Figueres where Salvador Dali was born.  It was such a very different experience from the whirlwind first trip where I tried to fit in five countries and ended up too tired to be able to see or remember anything. I don’t regret that first trip because, circumstances being what they were, I didn’t know if I’d ever return! But I definitely prefer the slow travel version of Europe a lot better!

We stayed with my beautiful friend Merica who was spending the summer living in Barcelona and studying architecture- a perfect city for that because you can’t turn down any street in Barcelona without seeing the jaw-dropping ouevre of Gaudi. From his whimsical Park Guell to his famously unfinished masterpiece, la Sagrada Familia cathedral- Barcelona is a feast of sights and life.


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