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Audition Trip 2017

In December I started planning out my grand European audition tour. I knew I would have only one week to fly to Europe and fit in as many auditions as I possibly could. I was invited to audition at four companies that week but trying to figure out how to best crisscross all these national borders and navigate all the trains, planes and automobiles in different languages while making it on time for my next audition was very literally giving me a rash. In came my savior- Allison Cave!

Allison introduced me to the Hugo- my new favorite drink.

Some Dresden art.

After World War II Dresden was rebuilt. You can see the stark contrast between the post-war construction and the older parts of the buildings that survived the bombing. Dresden is a beautiful and somewhat chilling city as a result. After Dresden we spent some time in Berlin.

Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial

Ali at the Berlin Wall

Allison took off when I went to Belgium. Antwerp is a really cool city that tickled me from the very start. I had a lovely Belgian AirBNB host who picked me up from the stunning train station. She knew it was me because my legs “were all folding up” as she said. After assuring her that I would not be offended she walked me home through the Red Light District,. Antwerp is a charming port city that is so vibrant- tons of art, full of nice people and good food in my experience. They even had a vending machine that sold fresh baked bread!

I made sure to try all the famous Belgian foods.

I was exhausted by the end of the trip (even after having bought an emergency pair of comfier shoes) but I couldn’t be happier having left Europe with a job offer! I didn’t post anything about France here because there will be lots more of that when I move there in the fall!

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